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ELCB,RCCB,RCBO Differences

1. The nature is different: ELCB is a leakage circuit breaker; RCCB and RCBO are residual current operated circuit breakers, but RCBO has overcurrent protection.

2. The working principle is different: ELCB is the live wire that is touched by the human body, or the internal leakage of electrical equipment, the current does not flow through the neutral line, and the current is not equal. The leakage protector will immediately trip after detecting this part of the current difference. Personal and electrical safety; RCCB and RCBO are mainly used to detect residual current. When the residual current value exceeds the reference value, the main circuit contacts are disconnected.

3. The applicable environment is different: ELCB is suitable for low-voltage power grids where the neutral point of the transformer is not grounded and low-voltage power distribution systems where the neutral point of the transformer is grounded; RCCB and RCBO are suitable for AC 50Hz or 60Hz, rated voltage single-pole two-wire, two-pole 230V , Three-level/three-level four-wire, four-level 400V, rated current to 60A, RCBO is mainly suitable for applications that require both overcurrent protection (overload and short circuit) and ground fault current protection.

Extended information

1. When a person gets an electric shock or the grid leakage current exceeds the specified value, the residual current-operated circuit breaker can quickly cut off the faulty power supply in a very short time to protect the safety of people and electrical equipment, and at the same time can protect the circuit and the motor from overload or short circuit It can also be used for infrequent switching of lines and infrequent starting of motors. It is a widely used electrical appliance in production and life.

2. A switch that can automatically act when the leakage current in the circuit exceeds a predetermined value. Commonly used leakage circuit breakers are divided into voltage type and current type, and current type is divided into electromagnetic type and electronic type. Leakage circuit breakers are used to prevent personal electric shock, and should be selected according to the different requirements of direct contact and indirect contact with electric shock protection.



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