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French socket CE certification NF C61-314 standard test items

French socket CE certification NF C61-314 standard test items

Smart socket, now usually refers to the built-in Wi-Fi module, through the smart phone client to carry out functional operation of the socket, the basic function is through the mobile phone client can be remote control of the socket on or off the current, set the timing switch of the socket. Smart sockets should be tested by third-party testing and identification agencies related to product safety specifications; And it also represents that the production factory agrees to accept strict and punctual inspection to ensure product quality before entering the market for sale.

Smart socket certification test standard

Gb smart socket 3C certification standards: GB2099, GB1002, GB1003

British intelligent socket BS certification standard: BS1363-2, EN61643-11, EN60950, EN60730

NF standard: NF C61-314, EN61643-11, EN60950, EN60730

German intelligent socket VDE certification standards: VDE0620, EN61643-11, EN60950, EN60730

Australian smart socket SAA certification standard: AS/NZS 3112, EN61643-11, EN60950, EN60730

PSE certification standard: Japanese Safety law JIS 8303

Conversion plug certification standard:

UL498+498A, UL60730-1+UL498+498A, AS/NZS 3100+3112+3122+3105+3133+62368

Bs1363-3, EN60669-2-1, IEC60884-1+IEC60884-2-5+VDE 0620-2-1, other table fourth, J60884;

Certification standard:

AS/NZS 3100+3112+3122+3105, BS1363-2,

IEC 60884-1+60884-2-7+VDE 0620-2-1+EN61058-1, GB2099.1+2099.7

Wall socket certification standards:

UL 498/498B, AS/NZS 3100+3112+AS/NZS 3133, IEC60884-1,

Bs1363-2, GB 2099.1+GB 1002

Certification standards for appliance switches:

En61058-1 +EN61058-1-1, EN61058-1-2, IEC61058-1, IEC61058-1-1,


Air switch: AS/NZS 3133

Wall switch certification standards:

EN60669, IEC60669, AS60669+Mrating, EN60669-2-1, IEC60669-2-1,

AS60669-2-1 + Mrating;

Plug certification standards:

Iec60884-1, BS1363-1, AS/NZS 3112+AS/NZS3100, SASO2203:2018

Automatic controller certification standard: EN60730, IEC60730, AS/NZS 3105+AS/NZS 3100+IEC60730

Coupler certification standard: IEC60320-1, EN60320-1, AS/NZS 60320-1

Documents must be submitted for smart socket certification test

1. Product structure and size drawing;

2. Product decomposition diagram;

3. Circuit diagram;

4. Circuit board wiring diagram;

5. Parts list (including parts model and file number);

6. Product manual (briefly explain product parameters and functions);

7. Product photos (finished product photos and internal photos);

8. Product labels (or Lable drawings).

Smart socket certification test process

1. Certification consultation

2. Business quotation

3. Sign the certification contract

4. Provide product information for application

5. Send samples or send samples to Lixun for testing

6. Take a test

7. Draft

8, the certificate



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