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​Leakage protection circuit breaker-RCBO

Leakage protection circuit breaker

Leakage protection circuit breakers are residual current circuit breakers with overcurrent protection, referred to as RCBO. In fact, it is a device that combines RCDs (leakage protectors) and MCBs (miniature circuit breakers). Leakage protection circuit breakers combine overload and short circuit protection with ground leakage current protection. When the current is unbalanced, it disconnects the circuit, protecting people and equipment.

Key features and benefits of RCBO


Prevents ground fault current

Prevents overload and short-circuit currents

The advantage of using RCBO is that when using one RCBO on each circuit, if one of the circuits fails, it will not affect the other circuits.

Leakage protection circuit breakers offer a wide range of different disconnection capacities and can be used in a wide range of applications from industrial sectors to household appliances.



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