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Ship switch notes

Ship switch matters needing attention and quality determination method.

① When the ship switch and its socket are aging or damaged, they should be repaired and replaced in time.

② When you go out, sleep or have a sudden power failure, you should turn off the power in time, especially electric heating appliances, so as to avoid fire.

③ Ship switch, socket assembly place should be kept dry, clean, dust-free as far as possible, so as to avoid moisture, corrosion caused by bakelite breakdown short circuit and cause fire.

④ When the lamp holder overload, easy to failure. So electric iron, electric furnace, air conditioning and other high-power electric appliances do not receive on the lamp holder, lest fire.

⑤ When selecting the fuse for the ship switch, the fuse matching it should be selected. It is not allowed to change freely, especially to add coarse melt, and it is not allowed to replace the fuse with copper, aluminum, iron and other products.

⑥ The rated current and rated voltage of the ship switch and its socket should be consistent with the actual power consumption, and it is not allowed to overload at will, so as not to burn the bakelite line overload, resulting in short circuit fire.

⑦ Ship switch should control live line, not zero line. Otherwise, if the human body comes into contact with the stacking line, it will also cause electric shock. Once the rear of the car is grounded, there will be a short circuit and even a fire.

⑧ Should be based on the use of ship switch environment and electrical capacity to choose the appropriate ship switch. The place with high humidity should choose fire switch and cable switch; Ship switches and sockets should be installed outdoors, not indoors with corrosive substances or dust; Fireproof or explosion-proof switches and sockets should be used in places where there is danger of combustion and explosion.



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