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Ship switch structure, wiring method and matters needing attention

Ship switch structure  wiring method and matters needing attention

Ship switch internal structure: ship switch internal metal sheet, the middle of the spring fulcrum. Press the rocker to contact or separate the moving contact and the static contact, so as to realize the on-off control of the circuit. If the spring is displaced or the plastic bracket is aged and deformed, it will lead to inflexible switch pressing and even unable to open or close the circuit. Some boat switches also have indicators, usually neon. Neon is a gas discharge tube with a breakdown voltage, usually around DC70-90V, below which it cannot be lit up. In addition, after the neon light negative resistance effect, should use resistance to limit the current.

Ship switch main parameters: 1, rated operating voltage and current. Refers to the safe voltage and current allowed by the switch during normal operation. If the voltage applied to both ends of the switch is greater than this value, an ignition breakdown between the two contacts will result. If the current exceeds the rated current, the switch contacts will be burned due to excessive current. 2. Contact resistance. Refers to the resistance value between each pair of contacts when the switch is on. The general requirement is below 0.1-0.5, the smaller the better. 3, insulation resistance. Refers to the resistance of the conductor part and the insulation part of the switch, and the insulation resistance should be 100m. 4. Life span. Refers to the number of times that the switch can be operated under normal working conditions, generally about 5000-35,000 times.

When selecting the ship switch, it is necessary to select the appropriate rated voltage and rated current parameters according to the power supply voltage and power of the electrical appliance controlled by the switch. Generally, the voltage of the electrical appliance should be within the rated voltage range of the ship switch, and the current should be less than 80% of the rated operating current of the ship switch. Copper in Marine switch socket is the key component to ensure unimpeded current and reduce heat. Excellent quality electronic switch power sockets all use excellent performance of copper production: oxidation resistance, strong tolerance, thick copper, riveting less, this is the socket copper is good four indicators.

Ship switch installation wiring method: ship switch and general switch, open and close the role of the circuit. When installed, there are two open clamps on both sides of the boat switch. Push the switch down into the hole in the board and wait for the clamps to secure the switch to the board. To disassemble, simply squeeze the two clips inward at the same time, and then gently push the whole switch from the inside to the outside of the panel to remove it. In connection, the method of spring insertion is generally adopted, that is, the pressed reed is directly inserted into the pin of the ship switch. This connection is very suitable for maintenance and is generally used for mass production. The disadvantage is that it is easy to cause bad contact for a long time. Welding can also be used. When using the welding method, pay attention to the heat shrinkable tube sleeve on the line before welding, and then put the heat shrinkable tube sleeve in the welding position for insulation!



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