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The main structure of ac contactor

The main structure of ac Contactor

The working principle of the AC contactor is that after the coil of the AC contactor is energized, the coil generates a magnetic field, which makes the fixed core produce electromagnetic attraction, attracts the movable core, and moves the contact point. Normally closed contact is disconnected and normally open contact is closed. The two are linked. After the coil is powered off, the electromagnetic attraction disappears, the armature opens under the action of the open spring, the contact restores to its original state, the normally open contact opens, and the normally closed contact closes. An AC contactor works in a similar way to a temperature switch. So, the following is to understand the main structure of ac contactor.

The ac contactor uses the main contact control circuit and the auxiliary contact conduction control circuit. The main contact is usually normally open contact, and the auxiliary contact mostly has two pairs of normally open contact and normally closed contact, which are mostly used as intermediate relays with the main circuit. The contact of ac contactor is made of silver tungsten alloy, which has good electrical conductivity and high temperature ablative resistance.

The power of the AC contactor comes from the magnetic field generated by the transmission of the coil with iron core. The electromagnetic iron core is made of two "mountain" shaped silicon steel sheets which are overlapped, and there is a fixed iron core among them, which is covered with the coil. The working voltage can be selected from various kinds. To stabilize the magnetic force, a short circuit ring is installed on the bonding surface of the core. After the contactor power failure, tighten the spring reset. The other half is movable core, the same structure as fixed core, which drives the opening and closing of the main contact and auxiliary contact. Contactors above 20A are equipped with arc extinguishing cover, which uses the electromagnetic force generated when the circuit is disconnected to quickly cut off the arc and protect the contact. Contactor can be operated at high frequency, as power on and off control, high operating frequency up to 1200 times per hour. Contactor life is very high, mechanical life is generally millions to ten million times, electrical life is generally hundreds of thousands to millions of times.

Ac contactor as a whole manufacturing, shape and function are constantly improving, but the function has been unchanged. No matter what level of skill development, common communication contactors are important.

Ac contactor consists of contact system, electromagnetic operation system, bracket, auxiliary contact and shell. Because ac contactor coils are generally powered by ac power, excitation usually produces a high decibel "sizzle" noise, which is also characteristic of AC contactors. After the 1980s, all countries are studying the mute and power saving of ac contactor electromagnet. One of the basic feasible plans is to convert AC power supply to DC power supply after transformer step-down through internal rectifier. This chaotic control method is rare.

Ac contactor is a contactor with vacuum demagnetization chamber.

Conductor contactor is a contactor that performs current operation by changing the on-off and off-state of the circuit.

Permanent magnet AC contactor is a micro power contactor which adopts the principle of isotropic repulsion and anisotropic attraction of magnetic poles and replaces the traditional electromagnet driving mechanism with permanent magnet driving mechanism.

The above is the main structure of ac contactor. For more information, please feel free to contact us! Our company has many years of experience, looking forward to your joining at any time.



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