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What is distribution block?

What is distribution block?

A Distribution block is an economical and convenient way of distributing an electrical circuit from a single input source, to several devices in the branch circuit. Consuquently  reducing the total number of wires in your electrical panels and saving you time and money.

What are power Distribution Blocks used for?

Power distribution blocks are used for handling the routing of power circuits to your vehicle's electrical system. Wiring Products carries two main types of power distribution blocks-bussed and independent.

Where do you place a distribution block?

Opion 1: Put the distribution block in the trunk where the amplifier, crossovers, and ground distribution blocks will be. This allows for everything to be in one location that is easy to access if I need to service it in the future.

Do you need a distribution block for a capacitor?

Whether you are connecting to the battery, amp, or a distribution block of some kind, you need to connect the positive terminal of the capacitor to the positive terminal of the other component by running a wire between them. Eight gauge wire is usually recommended.

What is the function of distribution blocks?

The primary function of a distribution block is to supply power more efficiently to a series of devices. Using distribution blocks requires only one large wire on the input side to link each connected device back to the power source.This eliminates the need for separate wiring of each device.



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