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Ac contactor​: What is the function of ac contactor?

Ac contactor: What is the function of ac contactor?

What is the effect of ac contactor? People may not know how to answer this question, and some people have not even heard of the term "communication contactor". After all, most people have no contact with the relevant industry, of course not interested in understanding, but ac contactor and household electricity is closely related.

AC Contactors 3 Poles 4 Poles

In general, the effect of ac contactors is to maintain power supply circuits that allow very large currents. Automotive relays for AC contactors contain overcurrent or protective grounding effects that disconnect the load switching power supply to maintain the power supply circuit in the event of lightning strikes and lightning strikes on the line. It is for this reason that we often encounter electricity jump in thunder days.

Ac contactor is automatic control of household appliances. The key control object of AC contactor is motor, and it is also widely used to control other power engineering loads, such as DC welding machine, power capacitors, electric water heater, lighting fixtures and so on.

Ac contactor is induction control switch, used for motor timing start and remote control, make operation more safe and convenient. Ac contactor is one of the key low voltage electrical equipment widely used at present. Contactors are magnetic operation, according to the operation of the switching power supply can be divided into DC and AC two categories. The structure of the two classes is basically the same.

The above is to introduce the effect of ac contactor for you, I hope to help you!



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