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Adjustable Voltage Protector 1A-60A

Adjustable range of overpressure:240V-300V
Overcurrent adjustable range:1A-60A
Undervoltage adjustable range:140v-200v
working current:1A-60A adjustable


Voltage Protector 1A-60A adjustable

Over & Under Voltage Relay(Overvoltage protection devices) is a new generation of household electrical equipment voltage protector, made by our company according to current city power condition. The control circuit is made up of imported elements. The product is made according to the modularization standard. It is of excellent and reliable performances and can work normally under abnormal voltage. This series of product is of compact structure and beautiful appearance.

Adjustable range of overpressure240V-300V
Overcurrent adjustable range1A-60A
Undervoltage adjustable range140v-200v
Working current1A-60A adjustable