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Isolator Switch

Isolator Switch

Rated current:6-100A
Rated voltage:240/415V
On-off Breaking capacity:1.2In.1.1U
Isolation:according to specific switch location state DINVDE0106


Isolation Switch 

Winntrium isolator is a main switch only, without overload protection. It works to connect to cut off 

the load circuit. When it works as main switch, it may also trip when some of it's sub-circuit faulty. 

In such situation,it functions as main switch to function as earlier circuit protection.

WTJX isolator is used as main swithch in the industrila, business or civil electric circuits.

Structure features IEC947.3(EN60947.3)

Technology Specification

Ratel voltage 230V;50/60Hz

Rated current:6-100A

Rated voltage240/415V
ShortcircuitdurabilityConnect to100A current,the spare fuse reaches 25kA
On-off Breakingcapacity1.2In.1.1U
 Using typeAC22
Coupling wire sectionmax.50mm2
protecting degreeIP40(Afterinstallation)
Isolationaccording to specific switch location state DINVDE0106



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