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What are the better characteristics of the ship switch

The function of the boat switch is to control, it can control the switch of electrical appliances, the operation of the machine and the normal disconnect of the circuit. Therefore, the use and selection of ship switch should be judged according to its quality and characteristics. So what are the good characteristics of high quality ship switch? In what fields do we often see such a boat switch, and what are the selection criteria for such a switch? We can study together.

In appearance, the boat switch resembles the shape of a boat, but has the same buttons as the rocker switch. Press the open side and the closed side will tilt up. When designing a product, the basic requirement to be met is quality assurance. Whether it is internal copper sheet, external plastic or other materials, must have a long service life, switch can be controlled by touch.

As far as the internal structure is concerned, the metal part of the ship switch should be made of stainless steel or difficult to rust metal as the basic material, so that even if used in a slightly humid environment, it can prolong the service life, especially when choosing and buying, you can judge the quality of the product by whether there is rust part.

Secondly, the copper plate thickness inside the switch is higher, which can improve the efficiency of current passing, that is to say, can ensure the effective utilization rate of the switch. Although the response time of the switch is very short in practice, there is still room for improvement in accuracy measurement in this short time. High sensitivity and good quality switches are the quality customers want.

Another is the toughness of the ship switch is better, mainly reflected in the socket part of the switch. Long-term use is not easy to deformation, even if the replacement can maintain the original state of use. The shell design of the switch should also be based on high strength industrial plastics with flame retardant properties to ensure the quality of service throughout the switch.

Good products can only be sold on the market after rigorous testing. High quality ship switch needs to have good product quality, use high quality raw materials as the manufacturing basis, and have good safety, in order to bring enough convenience and safety to users in the process of use.



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