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What is difference for RCD, RCCB, MCB, RCBO

RCCB: Leakage Switch

RCD: It is a leakage protection device (such as the leakage accessory of iC65), including a leakage switch and a leakage protection circuit breaker.

RCBO: It is a leakage protection circuit breaker.

MCB: Miniature circuit breaker MCB.

the difference:

1. Different in nature: Miniature circuit breakers are the most widely used terminal protection appliances in building electrical terminal power distribution devices. Leakage protection circuit breaker is a kind of switching equipment to prevent human body from getting electric shock or leakage in low-voltage circuit and causing fire and explosion accidents. The leakage protection device is a grounding protection device used to prevent accidents caused by personal electric shock and leakage. The leakage protector is used to protect the person from electric shock in the event of a leakage fault in the equipment and a fatal danger.

2. The characteristics are different: the leakage switch has the function of detecting and judging the leakage current, but not the leakage protection device with the function of cutting off and connecting the main circuit. The leakage protection device can act quickly to cut off the power of the accident, avoid the expansion of the accident, and protect the safety of people and equipment. The miniature circuit breaker is composed of operating mechanism, contacts, protection devices (various releases), arc extinguishing system, etc.

3. Different purposes: Miniature circuit breakers are used for single-phase and three-phase short-circuit protection under 125A. The leakage release disconnects the main contact of the main circuit and plays a protective role. Leakage protection device In places where there is a high risk of electric shock, such as construction sites, metal structures, etc., Class I portable equipment or mobile equipment should be equipped with high-sensitivity leakage protection devices. The leakage switch is used for infrequent conversion and startup of the line under normal conditions.



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