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Market prospect analysis of smart circuit breakers, which fields are applied?

With the rise of smart grids, there are higher requirements for supporting power equipment technology. As an important support indispensable in the construction of ubiquitous power Internet of Things, smart circuit breakers have developed closer to the level of intelligence. To meet more demands.

The smart circuit breaker integrates all the functions of the traditional circuit breaker through the combination of the traditional circuit breaker and the Internet of Things, realizes the intelligent power consumption and intelligently manages the daily electrical equipment. The main function is to prevent and warn the electricity consumption in advance, avoid the daily electricity fire and electric shock, and reduce the potential safety hazards of electricity consumption.

Weiyu Smart Circuit Breaker

Smart circuit breakers are based on the electricity environment, as well as equipment automation, service, and intelligent management, to create a safe, convenient and environmentally friendly electricity environment, get rid of the disadvantages of traditional circuit breakers, and change from being passive to actively preventing accidental factors in electricity use.

Smart power usage will become the focus of the future power market, and the smart circuit breaker market has huge development prospects. In 2020, new infrastructure will catalyze the construction of tens of billions of smart grids, and the layout of smart grids has also become an important strategic measure for the country to seize the commanding heights of the low-carbon economy in the future.

Let’s talk today about the areas in which smart circuit breakers can be applied.

1. Application in smart cities

Smart circuit breakers can be used in various power consumption areas of smart cities. As the underlying infrastructure, smart circuit breakers will play an irreplaceable role.

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With the continuous popularization and application of intelligence, when traditional circuit breakers cannot meet more demands, the upgrade to smart circuit breakers has become inevitable.

2. Application in fire protection

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Through the upgrading of the Internet of Things technology, the use of transmission, sensing, knowledge and other technical means to constantly monitor circuit data conditions, voltage, power, temperature, etc., to identify, locate, analyze, and prevent dangerous fires.

3. Application in the community

It can carry out automatic inspection management, support real-time collection of the operating status of controlled equipment, automatic alarm and early warning according to preset values, and manual inspection prompts.

4. Application in the factory

The factory is a unit with high electricity consumption and cannot be ignored in terms of safe electricity use. Smart circuit breakers can provide efficient electricity management and improve the safe electricity use mechanism. Real-time monitoring of back-end electrical equipment, recommend limiting current through AI algorithm, freely setting circuit on and off time, to ensure safety while achieving energy saving.

5. Application in school

Real-time monitoring and handling of electrical faults, and real-time alarm and load information provided to the system platform via the Internet, so that power management personnel can grasp the school’s abnormal electricity alarms in the first time and fully prevent electrical fires.

6. Application in hotel

It is possible to conduct electricity safety management and prevention for all rooms in the hotel where smart circuit breakers are installed by area, and improve the electrical safety of each electricity area in the management area.

7. Application in the family

The home power distribution equipment is an indispensable link. The intelligent circuit breaker has a high breaking capacity and continuously and steadily protects the core electricity safety of the home. Real-time monitoring of equipment failures to alarm or trip to prevent household electrical fires.

It can also help people automatically detect whether the leakage protection function is normal, and automatically warn if there is an abnormality, so as to avoid various electrical injuries caused by the failure of the leakage protection device.



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