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Single Pole Distribution Block 160A

Mode No:WTUD175A
Line Side Compact Stranded Wire Size: 10 - 70 mm²
Max Working Voltage, IEC (Ui):1,000 VAC/DC
Enclosure Rating:IP 20


Single Pole Power Distribution Block 160A

Terminal Block Features:

Space saving: compact

Tinned copper block: high conductivity

Visual inspection of wire: confirmation of connection

Hinged or removable cover: easy wiring

Clip-on DIN rail or mount to panel with screws: easy fixing

Part NumberWTUD175A
Max Current Rating, IEC175A
Max Current Rating, UL/CSA200A
Line Side ConnectionCable
Load Side Connection7 Cables
MaterialCopper Thermoplastic
Line Side Max Conductor Size, IEC70 mm²
Load Side Max Conductor Size, IEC16 mm²
Max Working Voltage, IEC (Ui)1,000 VAC/DC
Max Working Voltage, UL (Vin)600 V
Short Term Withstand Current (Icw) 1s11.8kA
Peak Short Circuit Current (Ipk)30 kA
Rated Conditional Short-Circuit Current (Icc)15 kA
Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR)100 kA
Line Side Number of Connections1
Line Side Compact Stranded Wire Size10- 70mm²
Line Side Wire Size#8 – 3/0
Load Side Number of Connections7
Load Side Compact Stranded Wire Size(1) 6 - 16 mm²        (6) 2,5 - 16 mm²
Load Side Stranded Wire Size - Ferrule(1) 6- 16 mm²         (4) 2,5 - 16 mm²
Load Side Wire Size(1) #14 - #2 Stranded #14-#10 Solid  (6) #14 - #4
Enclosure RatingIP 20
Unit Weight0.15 kg
Flammability Rating94V-0