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Electrical Distribution Blocks-junction boxes

Electrical Distribution Blocks

Small metal or plastic junction boxes can form part of wire conduits or thermoplastic sheathed cable wiring systems in buildings. If it is designed for surface mounting, it is usually used in the ceiling, under the floor or hidden behind the access panel, especially in residential or commercial buildings. It is possible to bury the appropriate type (such as the one shown in the gallery) in the stucco of the wall (although modern regulations and standards do not allow it to be completely hidden) or just cast the lid in the cement surface.

If the built-in terminals, sockets, switches and other equipment are not connected, it is purely used as an intermediate transfer for facilitating the drawing and laying of wires in the pipeline. It is generally called "passing box" or "passing well".

Sometimes it includes built-in terminals for connecting wires.

The container usually used to hold switches, sockets and related connecting wires, usually installed on the wall, is called a template box.

"Junction box" can refer to larger items such as street furniture. In the United Kingdom, such items are often called cabinets.

The junction box is one of the components of the circuit protection system, which must have circuit integrity, such as emergency lighting or emergency power lines, or the wiring between the nuclear reactor and the control room. During installation, the fireproof building around the incoming or outgoing cable must also extend the line to cover the junction box to prevent a short circuit from burning into the junction box when the wire accidentally catches fire.

In the solar panel, the PV junction box is attached to the back of the solar panel and joined externally.



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